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Organic Rat Repellent

Organic Rat Repellent effectively deters rodents. These 100% organic granules can be sprinkled anywhere to create an irritant scent barrier that keeps mice and rats away. Made from all-natural ingredients, it is even safe to use around children and pets! No more mess or clean up from using poison or traps.

Organic Rat & Mouse Repellent

Sprinkle granules near all cracks or openings along the outside foundation of your house, garage, shed or other buildings. Also apply around garage doors, main doors, basement windows, garbage cans, mulch piles, gardens, flowers beds or other problem areas.

Allow 2 to 3 weeks for product to take full effect. Will not harm plants or grasses.

Advantages of Organic Rat Repellent

Organic Rodent Repellent that is safe for the environment. It is free of any harmful chemicals and made with Certified Organic Active Ingredients. Non-toxic & safe to use around children & pets. Your mouse or rat problem will be solved quickly & easily with no mess, clean up or killing.

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